The Lord's Prayer: Practicing the Standards


June 8th, 2022

23 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is an introduction to an ongoing series on the Lord's Prayer. This episode will take a very high-level view of the prayer and invites experience over information!

  • Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13
  • Jazz Standards and Improvisation over a simple tune: "Salt Peanuts" and "Blue Train"
  • Video: The universe is amazing
  • This mini-series is a chance for listeners to connect and contribute! Please submit your thoughts and ideas HERE.
  • The next mini-series episode will feature the prayer in context, differences between the two prayers, and then a dive into the first line!
  • By the way! Daniel's album featuring our theme song has officially been released! Check it out HERE!

Our theme music is by Daniel Wheat!

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