martin family

Hey! I'm Steve! Here's a bit about me...

Personal History: I currently live in Colorado with my wife, Kristi, and 2 fabulous kids: Hannah & Noah. Kristi and I have been ridiculously happily married 23 years. She's my rock. I grew up in Fort Collins, CO (lovely place) and later got my degree in Biblical Studies & Missions from Oklahoma Christian University. In 2005, Kristi & I (with Hannah in tow) moved to Dresden, Germany to work with a small church there. We planned to be there forever but moved back to the USA in 2009 (long story). I ended up working as a UX designer, then a manager of designers, and now a manager of designers and software engineers – and I love it! On the downside, I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease in 2017, then with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019. It's rough living with those 2 neurological conditions, but I'm learning to look for the positives.

Faith History: I come from a long line of Church of Christ ministers and missionaries who taught me to love God and follow Him no matter what. Strangely, that's led me away from the "Church of Christ" as it exists now and to try follow God in a new way. Kind of like my own, personal, Restoration Movement, really. My "deconstruction" begain while we were in Germany as missionaries, but really hit high-gear during the COVID pandemic. The forced distance from things really gave me the space I needed to take a new look at my faith and I realized how it was more tied to the "church" than it was to God, himself. I decided to do something about that, and here we are, with me talking about my spiritual struggles for the world to hear, and you listening. Hello - welcome to the journey :-)

Steve has hosted 68 Episodes.