Streetlight Sounds Founder & CEO J. Crum is an award-winning rapper, producer, and graphic artist based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Originally hailing from Detroit, the record-setting 15x OEAA-award nominee (Omaha’s most prestigious musical achievement) is a modern day renaissance man, blending his myriad artistic skills with social media savvy and sharp business acumen to great success; his music has been heard and showcased extensively, racking up over a million streams worldwide and earning him a performance slot at the prestigious A3C music festival. Crum’s music has been featured on some of the biggest independent music blogs in the world, including Elevator, Rapzilla, CCM Magazine, and New Release Today. His songs have been featured by well-known organizations like the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Michigan, and in 2020, he was named to the highly regarded Rapzilla Freshman List.

J. Crum has won numerous awards for his music, including the 2018 OEAA Award for Best Hip Hop Artist, Rapzilla’s Best New Artist of 2021, and the Trackstarz 2021 Next Up List; he also produced the Hawaiian Grammy (Nā Hōkū Hanohano) Award winning album “Kuleana” for fellow Streetlight Sounds artist Thomas Iannucci. Under his steady leadership, the budding mogul is steering the Streetlight Sounds collective to greater and greater heights. But despite his talents and successes, J. Crum does not hide behind a facade of perfection; instead, delivered via hard, punchline-heavy bars and smoothly crooned hooks, he presents a raw, real, and relatable version of himself in his music, one that speaks to listeners of every walk of life. As noted by Dead End Hip Hop, “you need to pay attention to WHAT he’s saying. [With J. Crum] there is no sugar coating...only true honesty.”

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